Workshops are a valuable and engaging way to learn, providing a fantastic opportunity for collective training sessions, skills transfer, networking and information sharing.

The range of workshops and format for delivering these sessions can be creatively designed to best serve the context of the learning. Initiatives such as these help to support and strengthen capacity at both an individual and institutional level. We set-up and facilitate a wide range of practical workshops in close collaboration with coordinators and study teams in diverse settings. Please do review the variety of workshops hosted across the regions that cover a breadth of topics, which have generated rich outputs from these sessions to benefit researchers globally.


Research in Global Health Emergencies

Africa CDC One Health workshops

Research Ethics during Epidemics

Laboratory Quality Control

Infection Prevention and Control AMR

Grant Writing Workshop

Introduction To Scientific Writing

Laboratory Quality Control

PC-NTDs Workshop

Nigeria Workshop 2021

Treatment protocols and approaches from different countries: The African Story

Africa's capacity for real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) diagnosis of infectious diseases

Implementation of Novel Diagnostics

Improving clinical trial conduct in Africa




COVID Virtual Workshops

Research priorities for COVID-19