Here you will find information and resources on global health research activities in Malawi.

If you would like to share your work within health research in Malawi or would like to get involved with any of our initiatives, please email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours! If you would like to share your work within health research in Malawi or would like to get involved with any of our initiatives, please email us on

About Us

The Global Health Network (TGHN) is a neutral, well-respected, and globally established facility (WHO collaborating centre) from which country centres can deliver research support and capacity development. In line with the vision of TGHN, “Equity in Health Research by improving methods, building careers & sharing knowledge”, the Malawi Centre for TGHN is being established as a hub to strengthen the country's research development. The Global Health Network (TGHN) Malawi is partnered with Faith Based organization, Christian Health Association and its health facilities, Universities, and other institutions interested in conducting research. The TGHN Malawi hub is Established to collaboratively work towards enabling research in every healthcare setting by sharing knowledge, research skills, evidence data, and methods. The Center will play a crucial role in coordinating and supporting global health research capacity and training initiatives in Malawi. 

The center is responsible for implementing the strategic vision and goals of TGHN, as well as promoting the network's resources and training programmes to the national audience and fostering partnerships with other organizations and institutions to further advance global health topics and health research.

Purpose of TGHN Malawi Hub:

This centre will work under the guidance of the African regional office of TGHN to achieve the following:

  • Facilitating training initiatives and connecting researchers to TGHN resource database
  • Promoting mentorship and collaboration for researchers
  • Supporting the exchange of knowledge and expertise
  • Mobilizing funds and other resources to implement research programs

Specific Objectives of the Malawi Country Centre include:

  1. To establish a locally led Centre for TGHN.
  2. To expand access to TGHN’s online platform to researchers in Malawi.
  3. To promote TGHN in the country and a wider Community of Practice for the country in all disease areas.
  4. Establish and advance knowledge mobilization, through the active sharing of resources (e.g., study documentation and learning tools), and the dissemination of research activities (e.g., through open-access webinars).
  5. To contribute to the understanding of the research landscape, existing capacity, and challenges faced with research in the country and conduct research skills needs assessments where necessary.
  6. To seek and collaborate on further joint research grant proposals, building on local and regional partnerships.
  7. To design and implement programs for skills sharing and research capacity building, some of which are seminars, workshops, webinars, research clubs, data clinics, mentorship, and twinning activities.

Key Areas of Focus:

Knowledge mobilization and sharing 

The TGHN Malawi centre will work closely with the central TGHN team to identify high-value resources suitable for research groups locally and regionally, work on them, and share them in TGHN Africa/Asia/LAC knowledge hub and in the dashboard.

Career Enhancement & Capacity Building

This will include skills-based workshops, webinars, supported learning sessions, twinning and site exchange schemes, training courses (classroom-based and eLearning), as well as career development initiatives.

Cancer Research 

Cancer research in Malawi has been steadily increasing in recent years, with efforts focused on improving early detection and treatment options, as well as addressing barriers to accessing care in underserved populations.

Grantsmanship and Collaboration

The Malawi Country Centre will focus on enhancing the capacity of early career researchers to secure funding for research, training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to promote research advancement in Malawi.

Research Ethics 

Research ethics in Malawi is a complex issue, with limited institutional support and inadequate regulatory frameworks. This country Centre will work to address challenges such as informed consent, confidentiality, vulnerable populations, and cultural considerations.

AMR & One Health

AMR is a growing problem in Malawi due to a number of factors, including antibiotic overuse and misuse, poor infection prevention and control practices, and inadequate surveillance systems. More research and training is needed to understand the problem and identify effective solutions in a One Health Approach.

The Promotion of Women's Program in Global Health

As a key priority, the Malawi Country Centre will focus also on the promotion of women participating in global health research for Inclusive Development.


Here, we attempt to bring together information, resources, and research from organizations and networks in Malawi on Global Health Research. The aim is to make it as easy as possible to find the right information, support, and guidance, by connecting Malawi researchers together and making all the sources of reliable information and tools both accessible and discoverable.

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