Nursing Now Challenge and The Global Health Network have come together to enable 1000 nurses, midwives, and community health workers in low-resource settings to lead research studies that address priority issues in their practice.

Named The 1,000 Challenge: Research, Leadership, Impact, the project is a call out to 1,000 nurses, midwives, community health workers and their respective students in low-resource settings to identify and be supported in solving challenging healthcare issues where they live and work.

Through these studies, the partnership will serve to empower nurses and provide opportunities for leadership and career development, as well as equip them to improve health outcomes in their communities.

Launching in September 2023, Nursing Now Challenge and The Global Health Network came together to recognise and tackle the stark inequity that currently exists in research – specifically who leads and who directly benefits from studies and their findings. It was acknowledged that nurses, midwives, and community health workers are frequently cited in work, but all too often not given the guidance or tools to lead research itself.

How it will work

Working through the powerful global communities of nurses that exist within Nursing Now Challenge and The Global Health Network we can reach nurses, midwives and community health workers across the globe who are working in low-resource settings, managing diseases of poverty to engage with this comprehensive programme. This will then translate on the ground and online to enable nurses to design and complete a pragmatic and achievable study within their care setting, supporting them in every step of the process; from setting the question, running the study right through to taking the findings up into practice and sharing their recommendations.

Student nurses and midwives can join this challenge through research education and leadership development and be linked to a research team to gain experience and new competences.

Register your interest in undertaking one of these studies, in helping by joining a support group for a study team, or as a collaborating partner if these studies could help your research work: