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About Us

Aligned with The Global Health Network's (TGHN) vision of "Equity in Health Research by improving methods, building careers & sharing knowledge," the Rwandan Centre for TGHN stands as a pivotal hub dedicated to fortifying the nation's research capacity development. Our center plays a crucial role in actualizing TGHN's strategic vision and goals within the Rwandan context, actively disseminating the network's resources and training programs to a national audience. Furthermore, we are committed to fostering partnerships with local organizations and institutions, contributing to the advancement of global health topics and health research.

In pursuit of effectiveness, the Rwandan Centre for TGHN focuses on activities that enhance the understanding of the unique needs and challenges of health research in Rwanda. We are steadfast in our commitment to collaborating with global partners to create an enabling environment for the implementation of health research. Here are the key ways in which our center actively contributes to this mission:

I. Facilitating Training Initiatives and Access to TGHN Resources: We organize and facilitate training initiatives that address the specific needs of health researchers in Rwanda. Connecting local researchers to TGHN's extensive resource database, ensuring they have access to the latest methodologies and research tools.

II. Promoting Mentorship and Collaboration: Our center actively promotes mentorship programs, fostering collaboration between experienced researchers and emerging talents in Rwanda. By creating a supportive environment, we aim to strengthen the research community and contribute to the growth of impactful research projects.

III. Supporting the Exchange of Knowledge and Expertise: We facilitate platforms for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, both within the Rwandan research community and on the global stage. Networking events, conferences, and collaborative initiatives serve as avenues for researchers to share insights, leading to the enrichment of health research practices in Rwanda.

At the Rwandan Centre for TGHN, we are dedicated to being a driving force in advancing health research in Rwanda, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment that aligns with TGHN's broader vision for global health equity.


Here, we attempt to bring together information, resources and research from organizations and networks in Rwanda on Global Health Research. The aim is to make it as easy as possible to find the right information, support and guidance, by connecting Rwanda researchers together and making all the sources of reliable information and tools both accessible and discoverable.

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