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About Us

In line with the vision of The Global Health Network (TGHN)“Equity in Health Research by improving methods, building careers & sharing knowledge”, the Nigerian Centre for TGHN is established as a hub to strengthen the country's research capacity development. The centre is responsible for implementing the strategic vision and goals of TGHN, as well as promoting the network's resources and training programmes to the national audience and fostering partnerships with other organizations and institutions to further advance global health topics and health research.

To be effective, the Nigerian centre propagates activities that promote a strong understanding of the needs and challenges of health research in Nigeria, as well as a commitment to working with global partners to enable an environment for implementing health research in the following ways:

I. Facilitating training initiatives and connecting researchers to TGHN resource database
II. Promoting mentorship and collaboration for researchers
III. Supporting the exchange of knowledge and expertise

Key Areas of Focus:

Knowledge mobilization and sharing 

The Nigerian Centre works closely with TGHN Team to Identify & Share High-Value Research Resources for Local/Regional Groups in TGHN Africa/Asia/LAC Hub.

Early Career Researcher Capacity Building

The Centre Empowers Early Career Researchers: Hands-On Workshops, Webinars, Career Development, and Site Exchange Initiatives for Unlocking Potentials Through Education.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and One Health 

AMR is escalating in Nigeria due to antibiotic misuse, poor infection control, and inadequate surveillance. Research and One Health training are crucial for effective solutions.

Grantsmanship and Collaboration

The Nigerian centre equips early career researchers with resources to secure funding, including training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to promote research advancement in Nigeria.

Women in Global Health Research and Leadership 

As a key priority, the Nigerian centre focuses also on Empowering Women in Evidence-Based Research for Nigeria's Advancement and Inclusive Development.

Events from the Nigeria Country Centre focusing on the above key areas are shared here:

The Global Health Network Nigeria: Strengthening Nigeria's Research Capacity Development (Launch Event Report)

The Global Health Network Nigeria: Strengthening Nigeria's Research Capacity Development (Webinar Replay)

Combating AMR: A Collaborative Approach for a Resilient Future (Symposium REPORT)

Combating AMR: A Collaborative Approach for a Resilient Future (Symposium VIDEO)


Here, we attempt to bring together information, resources and research from organizations and networks in Nigeria on Global Health Research. The aim is to make it as easy as possible to find the right information, support and guidance, by connecting Nigerian researchers together and making all the sources of reliable information and tools both accessible and discoverable.

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