April 6 2022

Training is a critical aspect in improving the quality of clinical trial conduct. Clinical trials are gradually increasing in number in Africa and ensuring the quality of these trials is crucial. ClinOps Study Coordinators training program enrolled close to 80 study coordinators in Africa in 2021/22.

In this webinar, we discuss the course's set up and highlight the lessons learned during implementation. We also discuss trainees' course experience and have a panel session on further improving clinical trial conduct, such as decentralizing trials and technologies in clinical trials.

Chair: Dr Brenda Okech, UVRI-IAVI, Uganda
Speakers: Dr. Dawit Ejigu, CDT-Africa, Ethiopia
Dr. Wutor Baleng Mahama, MRC-Gambia, The Gambia
Ms Natasha Taylor-Meyer, University of Cape town, South Africa

Access the presentations here: