Knowledge mobilization and sharing 

The Ghanian Center works closely with TGHN Team to Identify & Share High-Value Research Resources for Local/Regional Groups in TGHN Africa/Asia/LAC Hub.

Early Career Researcher Capacity Building

TGHN Ghana Empowers Early Career Researchers through Hands-On Workshops, Webinars, Career Development, and Site Exchange Initiatives for Unlocking Potentials Through Education.

Epidemic/ Pandemic Biological Sampling at the Community 

We train young researchers on new and existing guidelines on community sample collection in cases in response outbreaks/epidemic/pandemic.

AI in Health 

Join us as we explore how artificial Intelligence (AI) reshapes the way we diagnose, treat and monitor patients.


Recently re- enlisted as an NTD, Snake-bite envenoming remains an important area for research and capacity building. Join us as we explore SNAKEbite

Emergency Medicine

Become involved in our efforts to conduct research this interdisciplinary field that explores multiple subjects aimed to improve the health.

Critical Care Registry

Our registry welcomes participation from Intensive Care Units across the country and globally. Our intention is to have a system of continuous evaluation and improvement of outcomes across ICUs. 

Clinical Trial and Call Centre

Improve clinical trial success rate from recruitment to reporting by creating a positive environment that leaves clinical trial participants feeling important and safe. Have success in clinical trials with and efficient and highly specialized Call Centre

Data Science 

Cumulating, cleaning and analysing data sets is essential in contributing to better heallth.

Learn and share with our team data sets and tools to improve quality outputs.