TGHN Ghana is established as a hub to enhance research for health improvement by transferring know-how, creating enabling environments for research, building team capabilities, and developing improved research methods. This hub aims to implement the strategic plan set by TGHN which seeks to assure equity where research happens, by leveraging evidence-produced Pathfinder projects and Community of Practice (CoP) platforms. TGHN Ghana also seeks to support the uptake and implementation of capacity strengthening and data science initiatives and practices in Ghana and across the African region.

The Global Health Network (TGHN), is in partnership with the Global Health and Infectious Diseases Group at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR) to promote research and knowledge sharing in the health sciences. KCCR is an open international platform for biomedical research. Established in 1997, its main objective has been to promote world-class research in tropical diseases. The development of training facilities and educational programs for postgraduate students and technical staff is one of its key priorities. The Global Health and Infectious Diseases Research Group (GHID) at KCCR conducts field epidemiologic studies, clinical trials, and operational and implementation research in Neglected Tropical Diseases, Emerging and re-emerging Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Resistance, in addition to some Non-Communicable Diseases.

With many shared goals and a uniting vision of promoting impactful health, TGHN and the Global Health and Infectious Diseases Group at the KCCR come together in hosting TGHN Ghana.